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When it comes to the Internet, we at Tech Fire bring you the best websites, web apps, tips and tricks, and a lot of other resources to make your life more productive. We are always looking for newer ways in which we can further improve your experience of using the Internet.

Create Completely Free WordPress Website | Free Domain Free Hosting

Hey Whats happening Guys, my name is Kashif and in this Post, I'm going to show you how can you make free Website with out buying a domain and hosting. Basically What...

Best Raspberry Pi Alternatives and Their Features

The Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm, launching a whole new hobby computing revolution. The little microcomputer has inspired makers, developers and enthusiasts to create their own projects in...

This $500 Device Can Hack Three iPhone 7s In Just 1 Second

Nowadays, Hacking is very popular whether it's hacking a website, a bank or someones privacy we are aware of these types of hack but there are many other small ways by...

how to Pre-Book Jio 4G Feature Phone By SMS

Reliance Jio will soon start its booking for 4G Reliance Jio phones. It will be available for the users on first come first serve. The feature of online booking is available...

HBO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked

HBO's hacking story continues as their both Facebook and Twitter account was hacked due to flaws in Cyber Security. HBO is a popular TV network which is mostly very famous for...

5 Best Health Tracking Apps for iPhone And iPad

We all want to keep our body fit, and that's the best secret to keep yourself fit. Keeping track of all your daily activities is very much important if you are...

Hackers Leaked Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Script

We got the news that unidentified hackers managed to hack the HBO network. The hackers hacked all the files present on the HBO server. They promised to leak out the script...

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