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Google plays a huge role in our life, whether you accept it or not. Someway or the other Google plays a great role that helps us in many ways like if we want to search something on the internet we have the Google Search Engine if someone wants to edit files, he/she can do it directly online using Google Docs. we have the most famous Google play store where we can download whatever we want.

Additionally to this, we have the Google Drive where we can store our files Online and can access it from anywhere. Though we have a limited Google Drive storage which is Up to 15GB. This is enough for the student to prepare their school assignments and class presentations. However, the possibilities of Google Drive and Google Documents are not limited here. Google is offering a lot of other features for Google Drive and Google Docs that can improve the productivity of the students.

1.Access Google Drive Docs Offline:

Use Google Drive Offline

We can simply compare the Google Products with other online services, Google Products like the Google drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and much more which brings the best out of Google.We can use Google Drive Docs simply Offline if we use the Google Chrome Browser, only the files will not be updated as we are not connected to the internet, the files will be saved locally on the Computer storage. Whenever we go online the files will be automatically updated to Google Drive Docs server.

2. Share Huge Files On Gmail:

Large Files On Gmail

We all know, that we can only send files as big as 25MB on Google Drive so in this case if you need to send some huge files then this feature comes in handy.

Users can share files directly from Google Drive to email, by clicking on the Google Drive icon in the bottom bar of mail compose window. This does not include upload/reupload of any files, but generating a shareable link to file in the Drive. Another advantage of this method is that the user does not have to worry about the 25MB size limit of Gmail Attachments.

3. Google Forms Data:

Google Forms

Google Forms is basically used to collect data for any certain works. We can create a variety of forms, with text boxes, check boxes, multiple choices, lists and so on, using Google Forms. The data of the forms is automatically collected and compiled into a spreadsheet document.

To use this Google forms,  we have to move to the “New” option in the Google Drive homepage, then select “Form” option, which is in the drop-down menu of “More” option. If the data is huge then one can simply store the data in the Google Drive and can share a shareable link for others to access the same data. To understand better please have a look at the image that we have provided.

4. Advanced Features With Google Drive Add-ons:

Google Addons

When google drive was first introduced we felt that there were many flaws in the functions of the Google drive but as time went Google Updated their products to make it better and now, where we are standing we have the most advanced Google Drive with many features, one such feature is the Google Add-ons.

Add-ons can make Google Drive attain more features than users can ask for. Some of these add-ons include a thesaurus, translator, highlight tool, change case and so on. To get add-ons is as simple as clicking on the “Add-ons” option in the menu bar, then clicking “Get add-ons” from the drop down menu. This would open up a window from where you can explore a number of add-ons you may require.

5. Google Drive Explore Feature:

Google Drive Explore Feature

While working for a Project or an Assignment for researching, we tend to search here and there for the correct information that we need. We can do the same without wasting any time using the Google Drive Explore Feature.

Google Drive has an Explore option to counteract this and to increase productivity. Explore option on the bottom right side of the Google Drive pages will open a side panel on right side of the window. This pane contains suggested links and images related to the document you are working on. These can be easily added as footnote just by one click. Thus you can keep focused on your work the entire time.


Google Drive is just more than a Cloud storage, we can compare it with any online application. Applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and so on is integrated with Google Drive. With 15GB storage capacity and a free MS Office equivalent, the online storage service by Google is very handy and useful for everyone who likes to do every work online without downloading and third party software.

So, guys, whats your thought on this? do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading our article and we hope you guys have a great day.


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